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7 Tips in 7 Days – Day 6 How to Interact with the Drinks Cart Girl 

An important part of any golf round is the ‘ron de vu’  with the drinks cart.

We all need to keep well hydrated during our round, especially during the warmer months and to do this we’ll surely cross paths with the drinks cart girl at some stage. During a recent article titled, ‘Cart Girl Confidential’ the young lady interviewed had these tips for us…

When Talking to the drinks cart girl, always:
  1. Make eye contact. The eyes are the first thing you should look at, not the last. You know who you are.
  2. Offer pleasantries. It’s always nice to hear, “Hi there, how are you doing today?” It makes us feel more like a human and less like a cooler with breasts.
  3. Buy something. Even a bottle of water or peanut butter crackers makes a difference to our inventory and by extension our salesmanship and by extension our good standing with our manager.
  4. Remember our names. Yep, that’s us, the same girls you saw nine holes ago. If you’re going to ask us to visit your hotel room, it’s the least you can do.
  5. Tip. Think of us as waitresses on wheels–except we put up with a lot more petting, squeezing and bad jokes. A few dollars is always welcome.
And Please Don’t:
  1. Pretend you don’t see us. If you’re not hungry or thirsty, a simple, “We’re good, thanks,” is a polite form of rejection.
  2. Give us sugary pet names. “Baby,” “Dollface,” “Sweetheart”–you’re not Humphrey Bogart, and we’re not your moll.
  3. Ask for our phone number, e-mail address or what time we get off. This is especially true if you’re more than 10 years north of us. We’re here to mix drinks, get some sun and make some cash–not meet our soul mate. Or bed mate.
  4. Make us wait Time is money. We shouldn’t have to sit there while your group putts out or tees off before you tell us you don’t want anything.
  5. Try to buy us drinks from our own cart. We’re good, thanks.


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