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6 Ways To Hit Your Irons Solid 

Nothing beats that feeling of a solid iron shot.

Every week we see the top professionals flushing their iron shots, we all envy that incredible sound the ball makes as it leaves the club face. Well, we have gathered 6 informative tips from the best players and coaches in the world that will have you hitting that beautifully flighted iron shot in no time.

goeff 11. Take it back slow – According to Geoff Ogilvy, to hit your longer irons at a solid rate, it is important to take the club back easy on your backswing. “A longer iron requires more of a sweeping motion than other irons and a smoother swing. To achieve both, I try to take it back ‘low and slow’ for the first few feet and get the clubshaft pointing down my target line, with the toe up halfway back. This deliberate takeaway helps promote a smooth, shallow swing that’s perfectly on plane.”



2. Keep posture in mind – To get the most out of annika 2your irons, it is important to maintain posture throughout the swing. According to Annika Sorenstam, “One swing thought I use for all my shots, including my irons, is to keep my right arm fairly straight on the takeaway. This helps me make a shoulder turn and not just lift my arms. From the top, I start down by pushing off my right foot. With my weight left, I turn my hips through, making room for my arms to swing into impact.”



3. Use your whole body to swhole bodymash it – In order to get the most contact and distance out of one’s irons, out your entire body behind the ball, and finish the swing. According to Sean Foley, “Address the ball with a slight tilt in your shoulders so your spine is angled away from the target. Your left shoulder should be higher than your right. Also, flare out your left foot a little. This will help you make a powerful body rotation through the shot. But before you start rotating your hips on the downswing, shift them toward the target a few inches — this should actually start happening before you finish swinging the club back.”

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