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[VIDEO] Paige’s Top 5 tips for making a viral video 

Golfs ‘it’ girl Paige Spiranac, gives us some helpful ideas on how to make a successful golf video.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Paige , she is a college golfer, and an aspiring pro.  Earlier this year she took the internet by storm with a couple of memorable golf videos portraying her impressive form. That is her ‘golf’ form of course! She only recently started an Instagram account and that has already surpassed 250,000 followers.

Paige has teamed up with Callaway Golf to give us the ingredients, she believes, will help you achieve a truly awesome golf video.



Don’t be afraid to ‘mess-up’. It generally takes many takes to master those amazing tricks.


Work on your flexibility. Because you never know what lie you may get.


Don’t go out on a limb. Recruit some friends to help out.


Flop it like Phil. Because hitting a ball over your head is cool.

and one

There’s nothing wrong with hitting it like a girl!


Here’s Paige to run through the steps for you. Watch the video below:


This article was written by Adam, exclusively for GOLFDIEHARD.COM

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