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Spieth aided by unlikely source 

The force is strong in this one


Jordan Spieth has drawn inspiration from an unlikely source. It has been revealed that Jordan has a unique phrase imprinted on the inside of his leather yardage book.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try”

For the those Star Wars fans out there, they may be familiar with that saying. It is of course the famous words of the fictional character ‘Yoda’. The figure entrusted with training the Jedi’s great hope against evil, Luke Skywalker. Little did Yoda know, that his words would be the inspiration of a young 21 year old golfer that is threatening to take the world by storm.


These eight words are constantly re enforced to him by his long time friend and caddie, Michael Greller. They have inspired Jordan’s mantra on the course. Be patient, fear nothing and focus on the moment.

Asked how the saying translates to golf, Spieth said: “I don’t want to place third tomorrow. I want to win. And so I’m going to play my game — obviously with patience.”

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