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One Of The Saddest Days In Golf 

Golf is in mourning at the moment with an unforeseen decision no-one saw coming.

SchoolofGolf_021213_056It’s hard to believe but Holly Sonders may no longer be involved with the Fox Sports Golf Telecast. That’s right, it’s not a typo, Holly is leaving us.  A decision that is sure to anger golf fans around the world, Holly’s talents appear to be headed for the National Football League on a more permanent basis.

Holly Sonders grabbed our attention while working with the Golf Channel on some of our favorite shows, the “Morning Drive” and the “School of Golf”.  A recent move to Fox Sports to assist with the US Open and the USGA didn’t seem to go to plan, with her interviewing skills being heavily criticized by others in the profession. In saying that I’m pretty sure she wasn’t hired for her media skills…

Anyway, we’ll miss you Holly and PLEASE come back soon.


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