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Oh Shin-Ae Ahn… Thank you… 

Every day we spend hours scouring the Internet, reading the latest news, looking for and watching countless videos in the name of being a true Golf Die Hard. Last week we had Paige Renee grace our screens with her beautiful swing.

This week, Korean born Shin-Ae (or Sharon) Ahn popped onto our radar. As with Paige, as a dedicated team of professionals here at the Golf Die Hard office, we spent a good few hours putting together the very best that we could find, just for you, our fellow Golf Die Hard’s. These were our favorites, so far…

And if you think we are going to cop a grilling from our better halves once this goes live, you’re absolutely right. It’s all in the name of Golf!! The things we have to do for you guys!! Like and share to make it all worthwhile…..please???!!!

Shin-ae Ahn 1


Shin-ae Ahn 2


Shin-ae Ahn 3


Shin-ae Ahn 4


Shin-ae Ahn 5



there’s too much Shin-Ae on one page, so we had to split it… Click to see more on the next page…


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