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7 Ways To Keep It In The Fairway 

hank 65. Don’t turn your shoulders past 90 degrees – A quick tip toward fixing a slice is to keep you shoulders within 90 degrees on your swing. Hank Haney advocates this tip, saying that “on the downswing, the shoulders turn earlier and faster than the arms and club swing. To solve this issue, work on two swing thoughts. First, feel that you’re keeping your back to the target at the top for an extra beat as you start your arms and hands down toward the ball. Second, make sure your shoulders don’t turn more than 90 degrees past their starting position — check them at the finish.”



club 66. Know how high to tee it up – Depending on wind speed and direction, it is important to know how high or low to tee the ball to ensure a drive down the fairway. According to Sean Foley, “I tee it higher on calm days and whenever the fairways are soft. This helps me produce a higher trajectory and less backspin. Conversely, in some windy conditions teeing the ball lower might make sense to help keep it below the treeline. With the ball teed lower, you’ll tend to hit slightly down on it and make contact lower on the clubface. When you do that, the ball flies lower and with more spin.”




ricki 77. Choke down on the grip – According to Rickie Fowler, a good way to hit a conservative tee ball is to choke down on the grip. “I always choke down on the grip a full two inches and narrow my stance so my feet are only slightly wider than my shoulders. I tee the ball lower and farther back, maybe three inches inside my left instep. This levels my shoulders more and helps me feel centered over the ball, like on an iron shot. One last thing I might check is that the shaft is basically straight up and down.”





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